Creative Ironworks, which is located in Rapid City, SD, has been serving the Black Hills and surrounding area since 2003. We specialize in custom iron work for both private and commercial projects. Our products range from indoor and outdoor railings, staircases, gates, tables, fireplace doors, and range hoods, to all kinds of miscellaneous metal fabrication. Most of our products are completed with a powder coat finish which is more durable than conventional painting. We also offer industrial products such as steel columns, beams, and truss plates.


Metal fabrication is a craft. Here at Creative Iron Works, we enjoy experiencing the satisfaction of watching our vision take shape and producing exciting results for each client. Our understanding of good design, as well as the ability to interpret a concept, has proven invaluable to our clients over the years in both development and execution of the final design.


There are many choices out there for metal fabrication work. If you are seeking top-notch iron work then let Creative Ironworks be your first choice.


The General Fabrication Process

Metal fabricating is a value-added process that involves bending, cutting, and assembling various items for use in homes and businesses. Many refer to metal fabrication and welding as the same process, however, welding is just one small part of the metal fabrication process. Those interested in metal work must be not only skilled in welding but also able to read a blueprint and follow it exactly. The ability to be creative is another helpful characteristic in metal fabricating, as it allows us to help see what our customers are seeing and to design to their exact specifications.

One aspect of metal fabricating is the powder coating process. This process is used on most of our finished products and is done by applying a dry powder to the bare metal and then cured under heat which allows it to flow and form a type of skin over the metal, thus sealing it and preventing rust from forming. Advantages of powder coating include a curing time that is much faster than with a liquid coating, plus the finish doesn’t run or sag like conventional painting can do. We stock over 300 colors with varying textures and sheen.


Types of Iron Work That We Specialize In

We are able to produce many different types of metal fabrication for use in the home as well as commercial and industrial settings. The most familiar uses are railings (both indoor and outdoor), staircases, and doors and gates.


Interior Railing


Although constructing a safe stairway is important, so too is the need for a safe functioning railing. Our metal workers at Creative Iron Works can design any type of railing you prefer, whether it is a traditional or a more modern look. We will also take into consideration the current style of your home or business and we will incorporate that style into the finished product to your satisfaction.

Metal Door


If you are looking for a dramatic entrance to your home or business, look no further. Our skill at producing doors and gates that will amaze and delight you is unsurpassed. In addition to style, all of our gates offer outstanding security. 

Metal Staircase


Whether you are in need of a custom staircase solution for a cramped space or you are looking for a safer alternative to your deck stair casing, our experts can craft you the staircase that meets your needs. Metal stairs are very commonplace in both industrial and commercial settings. We can design a custom metal stair fabrication that will easily fit into your existing site’s profile, and we will carefully take into consideration the use of the staircase as well as the dimensions in order to fit your needs.